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The Mighty Gir Lion Coffee Mug


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The forested, hilly sanctuary of Gir National Park is a picturesque location in Gujarat. It is world-famous for the Asiatic Lions and the Kesar Mangoes. The Asiatic Lions are the pride of Gujarat.

The Asiatic lions have also graced the National Emblem of India. The four majestic Asiatic lions are mounted back to back and face the four cardinal directions. They are a representation of courage, pride, power and confidence.

In its fierceness, the Mighty Gir Lion Mug captures the ‘king of the jungle’, the Asiatic lion poised to take on the world.
Come travel through these wooded forests of Gir to witness the royal procession of these majestic beasts in their natural habitat.

Let this mug inspire you to chase your dreams like a mighty lion hunts a deer!


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