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Ellora Sculpture Art Print


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ellora caves located in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra are one of the largest rock-cut Hindu temple caves in the world. The artwork dates back from the period 600-1000 CE

Chipping and shaping stones into figures and objects and bringing them to life is no mean task. The sculpture is an Art form that has continually been the centre of attraction.

Grab your copy of the mesmerising stone-carved sculpture and witness your home, office, and studio interiors come to life. You can get your art print in a customisable size. Let your art print sit on your desk or adorn it on your walls!



Wow Factor –
Digital art print of handmade watercolour illustration
Size – 5*7
Material – Premium Linen textured Art paper

For customized sizes, framing options and international delivery, get in touch at +91-7778912356.


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