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Astodia Darwaza City Diary

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Astodia Darwaja, Ahmedabad City Diary is a heritage souvenir and an exceptional gift in itself with the ever-beautiful handmade sketch of darwaja. Travel-friendly, slender diary that fits even in a sling or a clutch, makes you wanna write more and feel more. Plan, Describe or Express in this on-the-go city diary.



The magnificent 15th-century Astodia Darwaza, adorned with lotus medallions, was once the entryway into the walled city of Ahmedabad. Part of the second fort completed by Sultan Mahmud Begada, the Astodia Darwaza is a historical landmark surrounded by neighbourhoods of Dhal-Ni-Pol and Ashabhil-No-Tekro.

The Astodia Darwaza City Diary is a timeless heritage memento and souvenir. A beautiful gift with the ever-lasting hand-sketched illustration of Astodia Darwaza. A travel-friendly slender diary that fits in your sling or clutch. Unleash the power of your pen and jot down your thoughts as you travel!

3 reviews for Astodia Darwaza City Diary

  1. Pooja

    These beautiful dairies caught my eye, and I purchased them for my friend on her birthday. She was thrilled to receive them as they are travel friendly. The sketch of Ahmedabad’s Heritage attracted her the most because she loves to travel. Thank you for making our day and bond more special.

  2. Rita

    Thank you, heritage art. I ordered numerous diaries from your city diary catalogue as a farewell gift for my students. These unique diaries were the perfect gifting item for them. The pocket-friendly size and ease of carrying made these remarkable diaries the perfect gifting item. I still remember their happy faces upon receiving them as a parting gift. Thank you for making our bittersweet farewell memorable.

  3. adityadube


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