Kauna Grass – The Story of Manipur Weavers

Manipur, the ‘Land of Jewels’, is a significant constituent of the seven-sister states of the Indian Union and is renowned for its vibrant colour, culture, natural beauty and traditional forms of art and crafts. As described by Lord Irwin, Manipur, or the ‘Switzerland of India’, is a hub of artistic excellence and aesthetic appeal. This state has carved a niche for itself regarding traditional forms of art and crafts. One such craft is the art of Basket weaving or Basketry.

Banana Fibre – The Story of Tamil Nadu Weavers

Traditional Basketry is one of the oldest weaving techniques passed down through generations. The craft of basket weaving is sustainable and eco-friendly. Traditionally baskets were woven by hand from natural fibres, similar to the weaving of textiles. Various natural materials have been used to create baskets, for example, bark, willow rods, grass, leaves, etc. Baskets are part of the heritage of many indigenous people.