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Vadnagar Kirti Toran Art Print


The historic town of Vadnagar is famous for its pair of 12th-century Toranas. The red and yellow sandstone 2000-year-old Kirti Toran is one of the last surviving Toranas of Vadnagar.

The Toranas formed the first line of defence against raids and plunders and were part of the town’s fortification. According to traditional folklore, Kirti Toran was constructed to commemorate a victory in battle.

The intricate carvings of Kirti Toran depict scenes of hunting and warfare. The watercolour illustration of Kirti Toran makes a terrific souvenir of Gujarat and India. Available in multiple sizes and framing options. You can get your art print in a customisable size. A perfect gift for every Indian!




Wow Factor –
Digital art print of handmade watercolour illustration
Size – 5*7
Material – Premium Linen textured Art paper

For customized sizes, framing options and international delivery, get in touch at +91-7778912356.


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