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The Mysterious Jhulta Minara Art Print


Introducing the world-famous Jhulta Minara! The last surviving architectural element of the Sidi Bashir Mosque, these shaking minarets are aptly named. The slightest movement in one minaret leads to vibrations in the other. These mysterious shaking minarets have attracted architects, historians, and archaeologists worldwide. No human has yet decoded the mystery behind this wonder!

Grab a print of this architectural marvel and let it adorn your walls and desk. Available in multiple sizes and framing options, you are bound to find the one which is the best for you! A perfect gift for art enthusiasts and heritage lovers.



Wow Factor –
Digital art print of handmade watercolour illustration
Size – 5*7
Material – Premium Linen textured Art paper

For customized sizes, framing options and international delivery, get in touch at +91-7778912356



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