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Sarkhej Roza Heritage Khadi Stole


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Colourful, hand-block printed and finely stitched, these multipurpose khadi stoles are adorned with motifs of Sarkhej Roza. Once a village practising the art of weaving and dying, Sarkhej Roza is known for its marvellous Indo-Saracenic architectural style and is a place for spirituality and serenity. This 120-pillared structure was coined ‘Ahmedabad’s Acropolis’ by swiss French architect Le Corbusier.

Own a piece of your textile heritage and pass it on as an heirloom! Ethically made by traditional artisans, the Sarkhej Roza Khadi Stole is perfect for an evening stroll or lounging comfortably at home.

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Red, Indigo


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