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Flower Girl Wicker Basket


Handmade Banana Fibre Baskets made by the artisans of Tamil Nadu.
Artisanal | Sturdy | Watertight

Size: 4″ radius and 4″ height



These cylinder-shaped baskets are made from natural banana leaves and handwoven to create exciting patterns.

The art of basket weaving is as old as human civilization. Developed out of the need to store and carry materials, the art of basket weaving has been passed down through generations. Banana leaves are 100% environment-friendly and sustainable.

These handcrafted baskets celebrate the time-honoured tradition of Banana Leaf Weaving practised in Tirunelveli, Thiruvannamalai, Dharmapuri and Madurai.

All baskets are handcrafted, so variations may occur.


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