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A social initiative to celebrate raw honest human emotions, conversations, compliments, confessions, expressions and easy communication of emotions using an ancient way of hand-written POSTCARDS. 

Remember that unconfessed love? or an unsaid sorry that could have sorted things out? or do you still want to hold onto the guilt of being dishonest? So what if its been months & years, if its still inside you, bring it out. Let us know, we will do that for you. Come on, don’t you miss your chubby buddies and all the little joys you celebrated together? So what if you don’t meet them often, let them know how much you miss those days.

Have you ever said to your mom that maa ka khaana is indeed the best therapy in the world? Wherever we hide, however difficult we become, our mom knows where to find us, promise her you will take care of her till her last breath. Oh, are you still scared of sharing things openly to your father? But you know that no amount of success and money will complete you without his blessings. Tell him you will be responsible, today & always and that you just need his support. Ask for it, we are with you.

And hey, what about every time you go out of your way just to see a smile of someone you love or to listen to ’i am proud of you’? Write to that dear one expressing your love. And why not say thank you to strangers who believed in you when your own people backed off?! Why not compliment the person you have almost forgotten about but who gave you life’s biggest lessons?! Why not write to your school teacher saying how beautiful she looked and that you wanted to become exactly like her?! okay, may be you had a crush on her, give her some blushes & laughs!

If expressing is not happiness, then what is? Let nothing stop you from sharing your true emotions, life is too short to live with the unsaid words & death is too hard to die with unexpressed feelings. Share it all as long as you are alive.

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  • Please be kind, compassionate and loving in sending a message. We shall not entertain any hateful or abusive or negative messages. Also, do note that we don’t charge anything to both the sender and the receiver. It’s absolutely free of charge initiative, just let your heart out and strengthen your relations & emotions.
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  • (This is only to verify your authenticity and to ensure safe, genuine & healthy communication between a sender & a receiver. Please note the information shared by you will always be confidential and never shared with any third party without your explicit consent.)

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